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What We Do

Thimba Media is a digital lead generation agency who help high-performance industries grow by identifying and generating sales and marketing opportunities within their target market. We do this globally in over 10 languages using multiple channels and approaches to engage and influence decision makers, key influencers and customers.

We’re everything you need in a growing digital agency: results-driven, flexible and accessible. Most importantly, we deliver reach and scale for global brands from our international network of offices headquartered in Ireland.

Our Approach

Before we even direct a “lead” towards your sales funnel, we want this lead to be your next customer.

By the time we call a customer to action, we want them to know your brand, your product and your service intimately. We want their minds made up about you and what you’re offering long before they’re asked to make a choice. 


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Everything About Thimba Media

our story

The Thimba story began two years ago. Our talented co-founders all knew each other from the affiliate marketing industry and liked each other’s style. They knew they could build something great together.

Creative Digital Solutions

Thimba provide powerful strategies that get you ranked high while delivering key buyers to your website with digital advertising and advanced marketing.

We rewrite the rules on lead generation and grow your reach. We’ve got the tech, we’ve got the creative and we’ve got the strategic focus to grow your influence.


Great work comes fromgreat partnerships. Our partners look to us to dive deep into specific markets and target territories, to access the right level of decision makers to deliver maximum client returns.


Our Vision

We want to integrate the highest design principles with the most innovative content marketing strategies to get the best results for our clients. Other people do what we do, but we always do it better. We’re in the process of building a killer team to help us..

our space

Our open-plan penthouse office in Waterford is designed with style, comfort and fun in mind.We’re in the heart of the city centre, a stone’s throw away from great restaurants and bars. And Waterford is an up and coming city with a laid-back vibe and a great coastline just ten minutes outside the city. 

we are a global community

Welcome to our family

Our team are diverse, multicultural and located all across the globe. We’re headquartered in beautiful Waterford, Ireland. But we’ve got team members in Dublin, Cork, London, Johannesburg, Malta and Finland.

We’re currently opening offices in Scandinavia, Johannesburg and sunny Malta. So we want an agile workforce who are comfortable getting their job done anywhere.

operating gloablly